Il paraît que je suis sarcastique... Ca me ferait rire!
People tell me I'm sarcastic... hahaha!

mercredi 17 octobre 2007

And, upon crossing the Sea, thou shall be the job-spangled woman

Two weeks ago, when this blog was only an idea, I thought this message would be something like "On the third morning, God invented five-day weekends and blogging".
But no... I know too many benevolent people, and the jobs seem to keep pouring down on me.

When I came back from Exeter, with all the pieces of my broken dream, I buried my head in my love cushion, made of all these people soft as feathers, and I cried softly, but steadily. An overflow of loneliness, fear and disappointment... For a time, I was more an eclipse than a full circle that brightens your nights.

And then my very own Fairy Godmother rang me up. She works for a school-like administration that teaches unemployed adults, to help them find a new job, and their English teacher being sick, they were looking for someone to cover his leave. CV, interview, job. 10 hours a week with a group of a dozen adults.

And then my boss in the high school where I work (my job there doesn't translate in English, it really is half way through a secretary and a baby-sitter for teenagers), suggested to our Head of School that I could be the English teacher she had been desperately looking for for weeks, as a group of 34 students had to be split in two, should their teacher want to survive the year. Smile, handshake, job. 4 hours every other week with a group of 17 bouncy teenagers.

And then that same boss offered me to teach additional French lessons to one of our kids, slowed down by a neuro-physical handicap. Timetable check-up, nod, job. 2 hours every other week with a tall and smiling boy.

Plus my 18 hours as a surveillante.

I started one of the jobs this very morning, another one last Thursday, and the last one will sart this Friday.

I haven't yet found answers to my fears, I haven't yet decided what I want to do with my life, I haven't yet come up with satisfactory definitions for notions such as success, failure, self-development, achievement, but I don't give a damn, I really don't have time for that!!
As soon as I have taken in my new pace, I will tell you little stories with an aftertaste of absurdity and derision, directly inspired by the people I work with (and believe me, there's a lot to NOT take seriously..!!)

Oh, but look up, wouldn't that be a necklace of Little Princes learning English with a smile winking down at us?

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Rita a dit…

Tu seras certes bien occupée mais tu seras riche, ma soeur. (D'aucuns diront que l'argent ne fait pas le bonheur, mais c'est une notion envers laquelle les sans-abris sont assez critiques donc je ne crois pas qu'il faille y accorder trop de crédit)