Il paraît que je suis sarcastique... Ca me ferait rire!
People tell me I'm sarcastic... hahaha!

dimanche 14 octobre 2007

Thank you Julia!

I know. You want to hear what happened next, after the dream-not-come-true episode. I'll write about it very soon.
But tonight, before going to bed, I am desperate to share with you all the fantastic lesson Julia has just taught me.

A few hours ago, my homemade quiche and I were about to be eaten/eat when we decided it'd be nice to have someone over for dinner. After a few hesitations, we set our minds on Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and two wannabe-hot guys (WHGs).
Julia is in love with WHG1, who is also her best friend, but he himself sort of plans on marrying Cameron, who has asked Julia to be her bride's maid. They're all in Chicago, where WHG1 and Cameron live, and are getting married. Julia is not happy. She calls WHG2, her editor in NYC, to tell him about her not being happy. WHG2 surprises Julia by flying over to Chicago. How nice of WHG2!! Yeah, but he's gay...
Anyway, Julia does all kinds of weird and evil things to prevent WHG1 from marrying Cameron. Yet, we like her still, because it's in the name of true love. WHG2 says she should confess her feelings to the groom, even though she shouldn't expect him to change his mind about the identity of the bride. She follows the advice, and kisses WHG1. Only Cameron witnesses the whole scene. Then Julia and Cameron have a fight in the toilet of a stadium, but they hug in the end. Next thing we know, WHG1 is waiting in his best suit in front of an altar, and blinds all the other people in suits or suspiciously lavender dresses with his Colgate Smile. Cameron then walks down the aisle in a white dress and with a funny white fishnet on her face.
WHG2 isn't here. He fucked off a while ago to complete his duties as an editor in NYC.

At the wedding reception, Julia is all alone at a table. Her ancient mobile rings.... It's WHG2. He says :"I can picture you in your lavender dress, with your cake still untouched in front of you, bla bla bla." We are all a bit surprised, because in fact, it sounds like he's DESCRIBING her, and not PICTURING her. But he's in NYC..?! Ha, no, in fact, he's right here, and he asks Julia to dance, but he reminds her that he is gay.
And then, he says something like:
"We might never get married, we might never have sex, but we will definitely dance".
And then, Julia, and all the people around her, are very very happy, and they laugh, and they smile, because they are all dancing.

Well, screw the hunt for love, I'm enrolling in a gay ballet first thing in the morning...

3 commentaires:

Sandrine / Chimpy a dit…

OMG ! This is so incredible ! Can you believe this ? It happened to me too (except for the quiche^^) yesterday night...
Let me know for the gay ballet, it could be fun.

siete semanas en Colombia a dit…

arretez de regarder la télé toutes les deux!!, ça vous donne des mauvaises idées!!, quoi que si vous allez danser, je veux bien me joindre aussi!
et merci, j'ai plus besoin de regarder le film, le résumé était parfait!

Lillybird a dit…

c'est vrai, je devrais plutôt me remettre à lire.. Je vais y réfléchir.
On te tient au courant pour le ballet gay!