Il paraît que je suis sarcastique... Ca me ferait rire!
People tell me I'm sarcastic... hahaha!

jeudi 27 mars 2008

crap thursday

7h35, I hear the song I'll keep singing in my head all day on the radio: No One, by Alicia Keys. Crap!
7h38, quick quick make up
7h40, I am officially late. Crap!
7h41, I put on my jumper in a haste. What a mistake. When my head comes out, there's mascara all over my face. Crap!
7h42, I wash off the mascara from my cheeks as good as I can, I grab two socks from different families, I jump into my shoes, I forget my watch.
7h44, here's a new challenge for me: make it to the school in less than 15 minutes.
8h02, challenge failed. Crap!

9h05, is there a way out of today?

10h18, Abdel explains to me that I won't be able to have kids if I wait until I am 42, and that if I ain't quite ready to be a mum, well at least I could try and find myself a husband, and that, he's here, by the way, should I be interested. I try to tell him, with the right professionnal distance and restrained feminist ideals, that this is not what I am looking for in my life, you know, getting married, settling down, that I want to travel the world, to be open to any possibility, to be free from anything and anyone.
10h23, I am not sure he's got my point.

10h33, I decide to take action against tiredness by getting a cup of coffee from the coffee machine in the teachers' lobby. Mrs Ugly Cow, a French and History teacher, deliberately pushes me, and answer to my grumpy "Good morning" with an evil look. I win the battles of evil looks.

10h40, I throw away the plastic cup, I miss the bin, I sleep on my feet.

11h50, I leave for the student lunch room (which is in another school, 20 minutes away, don't even ask), I am late, it's pissing down, I have to walk on the road because of the stupid works on the pavement on both side, I almost get run over by a bike, my umbrella is blown inside out.

13h10, I sleep even as I walk, I go for another crappy coffee from the coffee machine, I fall asleep for real and wake up 15 minutes later. The coffee hasn't worked: I am still oh so tired, and there's a neat little hole in my stomach.

14h10, I quit hoping.

17h10, a girl comes into the office to complain about her classmates, who've sprayed water (plus guests) on her with a toilet brush. I'm glad I quit hoping three hours ago.

Just the kind of day when what I secretely dream of is a cuddle. Not a "cuddle before gym for two", nor a "cuddle, then you tell me what event in your past you think makes you depressed". Just to feel arms around my shoulders, to let my face enjoy the softness of the mating jumper, to listen to the heartbeat on the other side for a moment, to close my eyes, maybe to feel a kissed blown on my hair. Just a cuddle.
Or a little voice that tells me "If it was all happening to someone else, you'd be smiling about it right now..."

2 commentaires:

siete semanas en Colombia a dit…

oh non, j'ai pas très envie de sourire en sachant que tout ça ce n'est pas à moi que ça arrive (pour une fois...) courage courage, c'est bientôt les vacances...
panimx ce soir???

Lillybird a dit…

ah oui mais sourire, parfois c'est la seule solution.. :)
OUI je viens à panimix ce soir, ça va être trop cool!! Ma copine Cécile, en métropole entre un périple africain et un nouveau contrat en Guyane, vient passer la soirée chez moi, et on va aller au troc ensemble. Je suis impatiente! A plus tard alors (ps: t'as toujours pas blogué...?)