Il paraît que je suis sarcastique... Ca me ferait rire!
People tell me I'm sarcastic... hahaha!

dimanche 9 mars 2008

Inhabited by habits

My friend Liliplum started me onto that game... Here it goes:

- Mention the person who's invited you and put a link to their blog;
- Explain the rules;
- List 6 of your little habits;
- Invite (more or less) 6 of your friends to do the same;
- Tell them you've invited them, just in case they don't read you so often.

I've thought about it over and over, and I've watched my own way of life, and here they are, the little things that punctuate my daily life.

1. In the morning, when I'm still in bed, or already yet reluctantly on my way to the bathroom, when my eyelids are still heavy with sleep but yet uncovered by cosmetics, I rub my eyes like a child, with my hands closed in a fist, and I pout. I am five years old again, I want a good-morning hug, I have no idea what my day will be like and I don't give a shit. A moment later, I am a young woman getting ready for a whole day with over-energetic youth and an unbearable boss, facing it all with a neat hairdo, mascara and a pair of tights that match my jumper, but I need this regressive second to get started.

2. I read everything, everywhere, all the time. Words are my landscape. As a result, I am often reading three books at the same time, in addition to newspapers and magazines. I sometimes get lost in the stories, but linearity is beyond my capacities.

3. I always put on the left shoe first, but take it off last. I wash my left arm before the right, but then comes the right leg before the left. I put body butter on the left leg first too, and I put makeup on my left eye first as well, but I start with the right cheek. The order is respected when I take my makeup off. Please abstain from any comment...

4. I often take a first bite of my piece of toast before I spread jam on it. Sometimes before butter, sometimes after, but most of the time before jam. Then I spread jam on an incomplete piece of bread.

5. I listen to crap music when I clean up my flat. I have a special "clean-up soundtrack" on my iTunes, which I listen to every week. 80s' French pop, the Pointer Sisters, music from "The Full Monty"... they all help me weekly put on my latex-free orange gloves, grab the bottle of bleach, a duster, the broom, and hunt dust and dirt around the house, while singing at the top of my voice "I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control but I think I like it!".

6. I hate it when I do things automatically. I am afraid to be imprisoned by my own habits in a routine where I would have lost my willpower. I need to be independent from everything to the point where even my reactions are potential enemies. So when I realise that a habit becomes automatic, I break it up, if that makes any sense, so that it remains a "most of the time" thing.
Next week, I'll probably read a book from cover to cover without reading a word that's not part of it, I'll clean up the flat listening to Mozart or I'll put the right shoe on first.

That's it! That's me...

Next on the list are:
- Rita, to see if her habits have become British
- Cécile, to see if her habits have become Austrian
- Chimpy, to see how she's doing up on her tree
- Susana, to see if she can blog when she's not on a trip in Columbia
- James and Justus, to see if they can translate their habits into pictures.

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