Il paraît que je suis sarcastique... Ca me ferait rire!
People tell me I'm sarcastic... hahaha!

jeudi 14 février 2008


You could pretend you haven't been in town for a while, haven't checked your emails for 10 days, haven't used any kind of calendars whatsoever. If, however, you don't live in a cave as an ermit, you'll be aware of the fact that today is Lovers' and Shop owners' Day. And even though lovers most often shrug stating that they don't need a precise day to show their partner the intensity of their feelings, and shop owners secretely rejoice at the fact that chronic lack of time can be transformed into interesting profits, there is a third group. The neither-nor group of single people who have nothing to sell.
It's almost certain that when we become members of one of the other groups, we'll look down the event, finding it cheesy, kitschy, capitalist or at best lucrative. But for now, whether you like it or not, you can't help feeling a little pang in your heart. You can't help smiling with sadness and envy at the bunches of flowers on display in the shop windows. You can't help glancing apologetically at your fine lingerie that sleeps in the cupboard and pretends not to notice you persisently wear your old overwashed cotton pants rather than your modern woman's super sexy attire.
But single people of the world, let's take action!! I'm not going to give you stupid advice on how to meet the One (anyway, if I knew how you do it, I'd already have tried the method, and this post would be about the outrageous exploitation of our feelings, which we should take the time celebrate on a daily basis), or encourage you to ask yourself the good questions (WHHHYYYY oh WHYYYYY?), the answers to which no one actually really wants to hear. No, I mean, we can do it all by ourselves.
Today, let's celebrate the amazing person we are. Let's show ourselves how much we've loved ourselves since the first moment.
For me, it'll be nice clothes, pretty shoes, elaborate hairdo, flattering makeup. I'll cook myself a great dinner, I'll drink a glass of good wine, I'll use the nice plates. In the course of the evening, I'll give myself a little present, not much, but a little something I'll have taken the time to wrap up in colourful paper. And then, with my dessert prepared with love, I'll watch a DVD I'll have selected because I thought I might like it.
Do whatever you like (may I advise you, though, from my own experience, to avoid going to the cinema, they're full of couples kissing all the time, you can't even hear the film properly in this improvised tongue concerto in slurp minor, it's very irritating), but the theme is "no complaining, no self-pitying!"

And the first person to tell me yet again the story of girls are like apples, the nicest ones are on the highest branches, blah blah blah, I'll pinch their nose to bleeding....

Enjoy your night, and tell me about it later!

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Juice a dit…

Great post Lisette!

liliplum a dit…

Une invite pour toi sur mon bloug! ;p