Il paraît que je suis sarcastique... Ca me ferait rire!
People tell me I'm sarcastic... hahaha!

dimanche 20 janvier 2008

Happy New Year

Will 2008 prove more fruitful than it cordially detested predecessor...?

For the moment, it has brought its happy lot of people I wish I hadn't met. Like this guy last week, with his big blue car, his big golden glasses and its big smoking spliff, who obviously didn't like me asking him to clear the way in front of the school where I work, and who must have guessed my job wrong as he seemed to assume I was a sex worker and suggested I go use my talents with my own Grandma. He's not the only one to have made the mistake, though, as another guy came this week with similar propositions for my workmate and myself.
Other than that, the kids at school seem to have forgotten how to measure properly the chocolate powder they're having for breakfast, and they get to school with an irrepressible will to win early fights with whoever will stand in their way. Watch out if you happen to be one of these "whoever", their weapons are tricky and they sure can negociate alliances!

The bacteries also apparently know who to associate with and have crossed the line to the dark side of the force. Not only did they attack one of my molars for the first time ever, but they also gave the hint to their friends from my throat and nose, and I ended up with a big old cold and a sexy cough...

But the good news is, stronger from two weeks' holidays and two kilos finally gained back, in the new year, I'm a winner, a soldier of the good will, an invicible super-hero. I went to the dentist's and came out alive; I even went a second time without a flicker of fear. I win each and every battle against the kids with an unshaken determination. I managed to do a proper bechamel sauce for my lasagna, and I got over my panic when a car came to kiss me one unfocused morning, without shedding a single tear.
2007, you made me live in hell, but who's still standing now? My sincerest thanks to my angel (let it be said), and here I come, 366 days!

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