Il paraît que je suis sarcastique... Ca me ferait rire!
People tell me I'm sarcastic... hahaha!

dimanche 9 décembre 2007

When I become u, nothing makes sense anymore

Dear you,

It was such a pleasure to walk this happy mule up the hull in your company the other day. When we got to the puke, my heart felt punk inside, and I really wanted to declare my bug love to you, but I couldn't.
Everytime I see you, I feel little puns in my stomach. You make me forget my shopping lust, you make me muss the train... I think about you all the time, and even if a voice in my mund keeps saying "tut, tut, tut", you're such a hut that not being with you makes me suck.
So that's it, I'd like to try my luck on you, and invite you out. I'd be happy to buy you a drunk one of these. A gun with you would send my duck flying, and if you're on the pull, I think I'll haul a cab and bring you home to try some of my trucks on you...

I hope this maul won't end up in a bun, it would hurt my prude.