Il paraît que je suis sarcastique... Ca me ferait rire!
People tell me I'm sarcastic... hahaha!

mercredi 7 mai 2008

Head over feet

If you have seen me more than 10 minutes in your life, you will know I am not exactly femininity personified...
I drink beer by the liter, I don't particularly like veg sticks without sauce but have a thing for full English breakfasts, you can never beat me at "who's the rudest", I find romanticism boring and children freaky, I always perch myself on the very top of my disdain when I watch rom-coms, I sulked for over an hour when France lost against England in the 2007 Rugby World Cup, I tell gross jokes with an unelegant laughter, I can be very nasty in the morning to whoever happens to be around, I am as graceful as an otter and I think that hamsters in a cage are a loss of time, space and money.

BUT, I have a soft (and expensive) spot... shoes!

So, because:
- the French Social Security has finally given me money back,
- the school is trying to avoid paying my extra hours, which means I have had to renounce my plan to try and go on a humanitarian mission, and it makes me sad a little bit;
- now my little brother is all grown-up, just like the sisters, so I have pretty much been made useless;
- last time, in March, I didn't even faint when I had a blood test;
- I survived crazy eczema;
- I'll soon be 25, I have a Masters' and I'm the copy-machine girl;
- I'm trying to get into a school and there's a very slight chance that I might be asked for an interview,
- feet don't have shiny and colourful jewels, like hands, wrists, ears and neck;
- feet also don't have bags, like arms, sides, shoulders and back;
- feet also don't have mascara, eye shadow or lipstick;
- we stand on our feet almost all the time, letting them (and not our shoulders) carry the weight of the world, and they deserve to feel pretty from time to time;
-.... (please feed this list more excuses, all are welcome)

I have decided to get my collection a new pair of friends, which will without a doubt make me beautiful, smart, gifted, charismatic, dignified, and broke.


3 commentaires:

Cécile a dit…

Ooou jolies ! :-)
Alors l'eczema va mieux ?

siete semanas en Colombia a dit…

c'est vrai qu'elle sont belles!!! et alors, vu que je suis aussi trèèèèèèèèèèèès femme, dis moi, comment arrives-tu à marcher avec des talons???
hàhàhà, je crois que celle qui gagne le concours de moins de "féminité" ici, c'est moi!!!!
profites-en de tes chaussures, l'argent doit aussi nous rendre heureux (les pieds inclus)

Chimpy a dit…

Wahou... sont trop belles, mais rien qu'à les voir j'ai mal à mes chevilles... ah vi parce que tu sais pas, je me suis amochée une cheville depuis la dernière fois, vi vi dans les escaliers alors que j'avais mes Kickers, fortiche non ?
Va falloir que je passe au lycée pour les voir en vrai maintenant :)